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Session 4 discussion notes:

How can we relate the provenance data to collaborative activities?
Used custom tools to help find those relationships.
Being able to distinguish in the provenance what the user did that was useful or not useful.
Hard to predict when an activity ends or continues.
Not until you see the outcome do you understand their actions, so you have to propogate back, which implies that you have to be able to know the future to recognize their activities.
Need to highlight which part of the video you should look at, whats the important part. But also there is the need to look at the part that others ignored.
Problem is that we impart our own judgement on their motivation. Too difficult to do by watching video. The only way to truly discern is to interview them.
But post-interviews often the users have forgotten their motives. But if you interrupt them to ask their motives, that will affect their analytic process.
Circuitous routes make it very difficult to follow.

One goal is to Model behavior. But its very specific to the type of collaboration, discipline. So need to think about what is the purpose of the modeling.

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