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United Kingdom Visual Analytics Consortium UKVACThe United Kingdom Visual Analytics Consortium (UKVAC) comprises five UK universities that have come together to drive and grow visual analytics in the UK. The universities are Middlesex University (Lead University), Imperial College, University College London, Bangor University, and Swansea University. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is financially supporting the initial coordination activities to get the UKVAC up and running, while the UK Home Office and Ministry of Defence are providing UK government support.
www.eis.mdx.ac.uk/research/idcUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
Vancouver Institute for Visual AnalyticsVIVAThe Vancouver Institute for Visual Analytics is an organization dedicated to developing Visual Analytics (VA) expertise in industry, government and university organizations in Canada, as well as fostering collaborative VA research.

VIVA’s mandate has three main components:

1. Build a Visual Analytics research infrastructure establishing Vancouver as the locus of Visual Analytics research, expertise and education activity for all of Canada.

2. Grow, facilitate and where possible support Visual Analytics research in Canada, initially at the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University, and especially involving the study of real-world problems encountered by industry and government organizations.

3. Build a capability to train Visual Analytics human resources from all areas (e.g., university students and company employees), at all levels (e.g., novice and experienced trainees), in a hands-on learning environment that includes access to real data, to a wide range of VA tools, and to the best practices and researchers in the field.

Since its inception, VIVA has collaborated with a network of academic institutions, industry partners and VA tool vendors. This network was formalized recently by the creation of a Canadian Network for Visual Analytics (CANVAC). CANVAC is a national not-for-profit organization led by VIVA that coordinates the efforts of academia, industry and government to advance visual analytics, both to increase their productivity, competitiveness and employment and provide the capability to better execute their mandate.

http://www.viva-viva.caCanada Canada
VisMasterVisMaster in Germany is a Coordination Action funded by the EU Research Programme FP7. Its major goals are to establish a European visual analytics community and to create a visual analytics research roadmap that guides joint European efforts in this area. VisMaster includes over 30 European universities, research institutes, and companies.
www.vismaster.euGermany Germany
Workware Systems Inc.At the heart of every organization are processes, knowledge, and information—its lifeblood. We build incremental analytic collaborative workflow solutions (known as Adaptive Case Management–ACM), around unstructured and structured data. We build solutions for emergent and dynamic processes (and very large data sets) so that each of our customers’ team members may be more efficient and effective in their working lives. We make complex things simple, and we extract small but valuable information from very large data sets. We do this by utilizing an agile based approach to analytics, collaboration and workflow application management rather than a rigid, “soup-to-nuts” solution provided by existing software vendors. Our customers no longer need to be held to one business process management / workflow application management architecture and process. They can tap into all available resources: both human & information systems-based.
www.workwaresystems.comUnited States United States
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