The latest release of Starlight 4.1.5 contains a few new features and quite a few bug fixes. The key updates for this version are:

Starlight VIS
• ESRI View – One of the two major tasks we undertook for 4.1.5 was implementing an ESRI-based Geographic View to replace our proprietary implementation that’s been around since version 3.0. The ESRI view has many of the common features users of ESRI’s Arc products might expect and can connect to ESRI geospatial servers as well as use standard georegistered rasters and shapefiles.

To enable this feature, users must license the ArcGIS Engine Runtime from ESRI. Contact your ESRI salesperson for more information on acquiring this license. Users who already have a licensed ESRI product should be able to use this feature without any additional licenses.
• Scripting – We added a number of new functions to the VIS Scripting capability. Please contact us for more information if you are interested in automating your Starlight VIS analysis processes.
• Yahoo Modules – Unfortunately, Yahoo has ceased offering their web and news search APIs for free. Because of this, we have removed the Yahoo plugins from VIS. If you are interested in developing an alternate solution or paying for your use of Yahoo’s search APIs, please contact us.

Starlight Data Engineer (SDE)
• SDE Canvas –Our second major task for 4.1.5 was wholly replacing the SDE canvas (for developing processors). New features include:
o Module Renaming – Set the names of modules in the processor to something that will help you remember their roles, such as “Find People in List ABC”.
o Drag-and-Drop Replacement – Drop a new module onto an existing one to replace it in the processor without having to rewire anything.
o Undo/Redo – Changes to the processor, such as adding, moving, renaming, deleting, and connecting or disconnecting modules can now be undone (and redone).
o Badging – Modules with information to report are badged with the type of information logged.
• Yahoo Modules – As mentioned above, since Yahoo no longer provides a free Internet searching API, we have removed these modules from SDE.

Download of Starlight VIS 4.1.5, Starlight VIS LE, and Starlight Data Engineer (SDE) is now available from our website. The download information is as follows:

For those users who require a license server to manage a pool of roaming or floating licenses, the license server is available here:

For more information regarding the acquisition of new Starlight VIS, Starlight VIS LE, and Starlight Data Engineer licenses, in addition to questions regarding becoming current on maintenance, please contact us at sales at

If you have any technical questions regarding the new Starlight VIS 4.1.5 release, Starlight VIS LE, Starlight SDE, or our download instructions, please contact us at support at

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