VAST Challenge 2012 Sponsorship Call

VAST Challenge 2012

Call for Sponsors

Sponsorship opportunities are available for the 2012 IEEE Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST) Challenge, an open international competition that attracts over 50 entries annually from universities, research laboratories, and commercial companies.

What is the VAST Challenge?
Since its inception in 2006, the annual VAST Challenge has provided a means for participants to test the effectiveness of their visual analytics software on realistic problems using realistic data. The VAST Challenge is affiliated with the IEEE VAST Conference, which is the premier annual conference for visual analytics, addressing fundamental research and applications in science, security, investigative analysis, engineering, medicine, health, media, business, and social interaction.

Each year, the VAST Challenge publishes up to four different challenge problems on varying topics. Topics are selected based on the sponsor’s interests. Each problem includes a problem scenario that describes a situation and poses analytic questions to the team, as well as a carefully constructed synthetic dataset containing known ground truth.

Participants are given three months or more to develop and submit their solutions. The solutions undergo a formal review process, with one or more submitters for each challenge problem receiving awards at the annual IEEE VAST Conference.

Why Sponsor the VAST Challenge?
As a VAST Challenge sponsor, you establish a topic for the 2012 Challenge. The VAST Challenge provides a cost-effective way to enlist researchers and companies around the world to look at problems of interest to your organization and come up with new ways to address the difficult data analysis issues your organization faces.

For example, the VAST Challenge 2011 datasets were downloaded by over 500 different people in their first three months of availability. VAST Challenge datasets have been downloaded by participants in over 35 countries.

As a sponsor of the VAST Challenge, you have an opportunity to review all of the Challenge submittals and optionally to plan an activity at the VAST Conference to interact directly with the participating researchers.

Datasets created for the annual VAST Challenge remain available to the community following the annual conference, so your problems and data can continue to motivate and inspire researchers long after the annual Challenge is complete.

What are the Costs?
Costs of sponsoring a VAST Challenge problem are dependent upon the sponsor’s specific interests and needs. If a sponsor chooses to develop their own analytic problems and associated datasets with imbedded ground truth, the sponsorship cost ranges from $25,000 to $50,000 to cover the costs of coordination, judging, and planning a workshop at the VAST Conference.

Most sponsors do not have prepared datasets ready for the challenge. The VAST Challenge team has the expertise to create the synthetic dataset and analytic problem statement for you. The additional cost depends on the complexity of the dataset, but typically is in the $100,000 to $200,000 range.

For More Information
For more information or if you have questions, please contact info at vacommunity.org

Additional information can also be found at the following web sites:

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