VAST Challenge 2012: Submission Instructions and Downloads

Deadline: All entries must be submitted by July 9, 2012, by 11:59pm PST. Any entry received after that time will not accepted.

Any entry with detected problems (for example, exceeding word, image, or video limits)
will be contacted to rectify the entry. These changes must be received no later than July 11. If the entry is not received by this time or the detected problems have not been rectified then the entry will not be accepted into the Challenge.

  1. Download the appropriate answer forms for the mini-challenge(s) you are interested in (included in the General Information files). For each challenge we provide an answer form called index.htm that you can save on your local computer and use to provide your answers either by adding text to the form itself or by linking to the separate files you will need to provide.
  2. This bullet describes specific entries on the submission form. Please refer here when filling in your entry.
    1. Name your entry using a composite of your team’s organization, primary contact's last name, and the challenge you are entering. For example, for a submission from the University of Maryland for Mini-Challenge 1, from a team led by Dr. Jones, please use UMD-Jones-MC1.
    2. Provide a list of team members, their affiliation, and email addresses. Provide a Primary Contact under your list of team members. The primary contact must be responsive to emails to handle submission problems, questions, and issues related to the 2-page paper for the proceedings.
    3. Please indicate if this is a "student team." A student team is defined as one led by a student and worked on by students. Class projects are good examples of submissions that would be provided by student teams.
    4. Provide a list of analytic tools used. Commercially available tools like Tableau or SAS can just be mentioned by name. For tools not commercially available, please provide a tool name, developer name (or a company name), and any links to the tool that can provide us more information about it. For tools developed by the submitting team, additional information such as where it was developed (e.g., "SPINVIZ was developed by the University of West Birmingham CS 459 Information Visualization class, taught Spring 2011 by Dr. Smith, and adapted by the student team for the challenge.")
    5. Provide a link to your explanatory video. Please verify the link is active throughout the contest period, as it may be downloaded at various times by different VAST Challenge committee members and reviewers.
    6. Provide your answers to the Challenge questions in these sections. Refer to the How it all Works section of this documentation to understand how to respond to "Short Answer" and "Detailed Answer."
  3. Create a local directory with entry name. Save all the materials for that challenge keeping the answer form file named “index.htm” as we already named it. The index file should link to all your materials. Use relative links so they will still work when your materials are moved to another directory.
  4. Zip the entire directory and save it in a file using the same entry name, for example, UMD-Jones-MC1.zip
  5. The IEEE VAST Challenge 2012 uses the Precision Conference System (PCS) to handle the submission and reviewing process. PCS is available at https://precisionconference.com/~vgtc/. If you do not already have a login for the system you must register first . Once you are logged into your account please choose VAST 2012 Challenge under “new submissions” and follow the instructions.
  6. Two Page Summary. Don't forget your opportunity to have a two-page paper about your submission published in the VAST proceedings. See the How it all Works section for details.

Download the Datasets, Entry Forms, and Documentation

UPDATE 05JUNE12: Data was truncated from both the raw and .cvs processed IDS logs. Download the replacement file.

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