SRS Security Server

The security server is an optional SRS component that synchronizes the users and roles returned by a SIL using the ISync interface. To enable the security server, a deployment must run a windows service.


In previous iterations of the SRS system, it was difficult to maintain the list of users who had access to the system when authentication was desired. Clients would enter users into the SRS system; however, the underlying security mechanism would not allow access to the site through the access control list (ACL). By moving to a synchronization, we allow for user information to be stored for the authenticated user; however, it lessens the burden on the deployment for adding and removing users to the system. In many instances, they can add users to the ACL as normal (through active directory, for example) and the user will automatically be inserted into the system.

Security Integration Layer

The security server uses the ISync interface. On a given sleep interval, the security server iterates through all of the available SILs in its local directory and queries the underlying security mechanism. The server then coordinates the information found by the SIL with the information stored in the SRS data. Users are inserted or deleted as needed.


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