SRS Backend Web Services

Data Integration Layers

Various DILs are available to the client callers of the web services. To list available DILs, a client should call the DILRegisteredList web service.

Querying Data Integration Layers

Each DIL will provides it's own document definition. That definition is what defines how to query the DIL for specific information. However, each DIL must adhere to a common query specification.


  • DCAF
  • CompStat
  • RAKE
  • Facet Browser
  • Categorical Clustering


Configuration should link to specific pages, to keep the first page of the section geared toward management, configuration and links geared toward developers.


The SIL's configure the type authentication used for the web services. When a SIL other than Anonymous is used, a user name and password must be provided to the web services. To use the authenticated web services, the session login service must first be called and a session id is then attached to each subsequent request. For more information see the Web Service Authentication page.


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