SRS Backend Server

The SRS backend server is the broker between all of the various components of the system. It is compiled as a dynamic link library (DLL) that can be included into other code projects. This enables the server to be used as a think client (within a Windows application) or a thin client (by using the DLL coupled with web services).

To use the SRS server, a SQL Server database backend is required for the caching and user information used by the system. The SRS server also provides the capability to DILs and plug-ins to store transient information in a sandbox database.

The purpose of the SRS server is to take requests for information and hand those over to components that know how to understand that request. Once a document set has been returned, the server will take requests to interact on that data and hand it off to a component that knows how to do the operation. As the broker of information, the SRS server does not independently operate on the data.

Server Components

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