SRS Backend Component


The SRS backend brings together external data sources and some text analytics capabilities. The backend takes the power of information analysis and presents it a la carte to clients. If a client only wants one feature and requests that we never store their data, we can do that. If another client wants a full-feature release and desires caching of data to increase performance, we can do that. The backend strives for adaptability without losing capability.


This wiki will serve as the main communication mechanism for backend documentation. When official documents are required, content from here will be used to create them. The server task lead is responsible for keeping the content up to date.

The following are the core backend components:

  • Testing - Information about testing (to come).
  • Builds - Information about our build process (to come).
  • Server - Information about the server code component (DLL that runs to coordinate tasks).
  • Security Server - How the system accommodates security.
  • Web Services - Web service implementation information.
  • Automatic Database - Automatic database build implementation information.

Page last modified on Friday, June 17, 2011