Education Workshop 2010 Agenda

August 30, 2010

University of Maryland Inn and Conference Center Rm. 2100

||8:15am|Introductions, Background, and Purpose
8:45am|Invited Presentations
8:45am John Stasko, Georgia Tech
9:00am Guy Lebanon, Georgia Tech
9:15am Chris North, Virginia Tech
9:30am David Ebert, PurdueBrian Fisher, Simon Fraser University / UBC
9:45am Chris Weaver, University of Oklahoma
10:00am Ben Shneiderman and Derek Hansen, University of Maryland (joint session)
10:30am|Invited Presentations
10:30am Simon Attfield and Kai Xu, Middlesex University (joint session)
10:45am Georges Grinstein, U. Mass, Lowell
11:00am Anthony Robinson, Penn State
11:15am Enrico Bertini, University of Konstanz
11:30am Klaus Mueller, Stony Brook
11:45am Brian Fisher, Simon Fraser University / UBC
1:00pm|Reactions and observations from morning presentations
1:30pm|Working session – what should a visual analytics education include?
2:45pm|Continuation of working session
3:45pm|Group discussion: What resources are available for use in visual analytics courses?
4:30pm|Next Steps

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